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Humanitarian Adventure Treks .. aka... H.A.T. Is known For its Heartfelt journeys Into the Himalayas as well as cultural and historical Hotspots in Nepal,India,Bhutan and Tibet. We realized. Early on that. Global visitors were interested. in. the heart. And. Soul of nepal. And. Its. Over 102 ethnic groups Nepal Was One of the great Kingdoms of asia ,and our Visitors expressed A deep Desire to learn More first hand and thus 10 years Ago we Brought. The world. Closer To Experience this Great culture and today we still have this Large comitment To Global And cultural Exchange And Personal. Involvement .. We offer comprehensive and exciting journeys into these Ancient countries and cities ,whether You Want A pilgramage around Mt. Kailash in Tibet Or Volunteer work In Kathmandu ,Nepal we are Here To serve your Global curiosity. We are a Ten year team Of great Humanity And Purpose from Ages 18 To 68 that Will Provide a truly memorable Experience For You ,your family Or Your special interest group

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